What do I need to do to order bunting from you?

Please contact us through the contact form, via Facebook or text/call us to make sure that the bunting you require is available on the dates requested. At this point we will take payment of a deposit and the bunting will be booked for your event. Payment is required in full 2 weeks before the delivery date.

How will I receive the bunting and how do I send it back?

Bunting will be delivered via courier to your delivery address, packaged in a sturdy plastic box. We will include the postage details and instructions for returning the bunting via the courier.

bunting-eyeletHow do I hang the bunting?
The ends of the strings of bunting have eyelets to enable you to hang it at your event without putting knots in the bunting itself. Lengths of ribbon/string will be included in the delivery box as well as pins, if you have ordered chair-back mini-bunting.

What happens if the bunting gets wet, dirty or damaged?

We ask that you take all reasonable precautions to keep our products clean, dry and in good condition. However, if something does happen, we ask you to contact us in the first instance so that we can advise what to do. The laundering for soiling caused by reasonable use is included in the price of rental, however, if stains need to be removed by a professional service or are not able to be removed or if the product is damaged, the cost will be retained from the deposit amount.

Do you sell bunting?

We are afraid not.

What if I cannot find bunting which matches my colour scheme?

Please contact us with details, if we think that we can re-hire the bunting, we will usually consider making it, this will require a lead time of at least 6 weeks.